Kemove Wireless RGB Mechanical Keyboard Impressions

Today we’re taking a look at a Wireless Mechanical Keyboard that ticks almost all the boxes – the KEMOVE 60% Keyboard.


Kemove’s team reached out to me and asked if I would like to test our their new kickstarter product, the Kemove Keyboard. I have been testing this keyboard for around 3 weeks with my mac.

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Inside the box we can find many premium accessories, starting with a very nice braided USB Type-C cable with an angled connector. We also find some keycap puller tools and switch removal tool. Also included in the box are three additional keycaps: control, option and command for mac.

Kemove Wireless Keyboard on Desk with Gaming Mouse
Kemove Wireless Keyboard on Desk with Model-O Gaming Mouse


One of the best features of the Kemove Keyboard is that it features many modern connectivity options. You can either connect the keyboard directly via the USB-C cable to your computer, or you can pair it via Bluetooth 5.1 and use it with it’s large 3000mAh battery.

The Keyboard supports Windows, Mac and iOS/Android, so you can truly connect it to any device of your liking.

Build and Quality

Unlike other brands and models in this price category the build seems exceptionally well made. The case feels sturdy, while being light-weight and compact. There is no keyboard flex and when typing you can feel the keyboard is supported in a well crafted enclosure.

You also can choose quality keycaps from Cherry or Gateron which both have one of the best reputation for gaming, typing and long use.


KEMOVE keyboards are available in both ANSI and ISO layouts. ANSI is used predominantly in the United States and the ISO is used in the rest of the world such as Europe.


You can currently back the Kickstarter page until January 2020. Backers can expect to get their example shipped in a reasonable timeframe between March 2020. Please note that my example was an early production unit for testing.

Visit KEMOVE on Kickstarter


Make sure to check out the official impressions, unboxing and conclusion video on YouTube to get a closer look!