Recently the Google Play Store got a completely new redesign, similar to the white redesign of the Gmail app. Starting next month there will be even more fundamental changes to how videos in listings display.

Google announced that it would start “autoplaying” YouTube videos that are featured in the play store listing page.

The company mentioned that this change will “help more users discover your content at a glance”

The “good” news – no ads.

Furthermore, the company sent an email notification to all developers that have Apps published on the Play Store to prepare for this change. Starting November 1, 2019 ads must be disabled for these videos, to make them eligible for displaying in the store listing.

While this can make viewing these videos less of an annoyance for the user, this also means the developers can’t earn money on their own YouTube Video.

Henceforth this change may be there to stay, but we can’t tell just yet as Google is constantly AB Testing these new ideas.