The Minecraft Earth closed beta has launched on Android today as an invite only access in Seattle, London, Tokyo, Stockholm, and Mexico City, its developer Mojang announced today.

If you’re lucky enough to receive an beta invite from mojang and live in one of the five cities, you can head over to the app and start exploring in augmented reality.

You’ll need an android phone that is running Android 7 or higher and is AR-compatible.

This launch is a little slower, as it has already been released on iOS past month, however on Android players get access to the in game currency (yep, that’s right…) called “rubies”. The currency can be earned through either playing the game or purchasing it. This seems to be a very strong trend in the last released of Minecraft Pocket edition.

Minecraft Earth was first announced back in May and is supposed to be an AR open world crafting game. Similar to it’s predecessor on PC, mobile and console you will be able to  build, mine and craft. What’s new is that you’ll be able to cover the entire planet in Minecraft Blocks and then explore them together with other players.