The best Android Phones on a Budget – September 2017

  • fadel zaki akbar

    Wireless fast charging

  • Honey

    Hope to win

  • Gord

    The large 3000mAh battery is my favourite and important feature of this phone. I like large batteries as I am out all day and not always able to charge my battery.

  • Udon

    Good display is a must.

  • Mary Baez

    a ggod battery, a lot of memory and feautures

  • Alex Robinson

    Long battery life

  • Boris Bmp

    Big capacity of battery is most important fo me

  • Rachael Debates-Hunt

    the camera because I’m a photographer!

  • Terri Walter

    The photo feature, to take pictures of my granddaughters!

  • Ricardo GF

    RAM, Lots of activity with no cuts and waiting problems!

  • John A.

    A good enough battery that will last enough for any activities.

  • Full Android support, with an eye towards AR/VR feature set.

  • Rakesh Kumar

    I think the processor is the heart of any smartphone and it should be powerful for multiple tasking.

  • Angel Fernandez Ibañez de Alde

    the processor

  • yvsaimadhav

    Good battery because I hate making frequent trips to the charging point

  • Rajan Arora

    Camera is Most important to me in a Smartphone

  • Michaella Marie Tindog


  • Rodolfo Guzman

    The processor

  • Paulo Cardoso


  • Jeanine

    Great camea

  • luis tapia

    the display

  • Mark

    Definitely a nice big, high quality screen.

  • Pratham Shetty

    Great battery life


    processor and ram

  • daman vir

    Display, camera and Brand

  • Dwight Coke

    Memory and screen size.

  • sandibmcginnis

    Durability and memory.

  • Mihai Daniel

    very powerfull and very easy to use 😀

  • XEN

    The most important features in a smart phone for me, are reliability and simplicity of use.

  • Tamra M Gibson

    I really need consistency for a phine. Most I’ve had work sometimes and others they dont. I undestand they all have their glitches but I lI’ve I can do almost anything on my phone

  • Lawrence Giordano

    display and battery

  • ???? ???????????

    Great camera

  • Tanya Timofeyeva


  • ?????? ????????

    Big capacity of battery

  • Piotr P Sushko

    processor battery and ram

  • Nikolay Nikol

    Fast charging

  • ahmed


  • Gena Gerasimoff

    display and battery

  • Kirill Tsimafeyeu

    the processor & ram

  • KiryaNN

    Display, camera

  • Mikalai Mikalaevich

    processor & ram

  • Jaime Muñoz Martín

    Big capacity of battery.

  • Thunder Thief

    RAM is most important these with all the app that you can run

  • Raisa Pant

    processor and ram

  • Zomalsawma Max Royte

    Making calls is the most important feature of a phone,duh!

  • Diana


  • Matthew Ball

    Processor & battery

  • Michelle

    battery and camera.

  • Ariel Kelevra

    Capacidad de almacenamiento y camara

  • Brandon Belk

    Must take dank nudes

  • Tomasz

    Battery Processor and Camera

  • ??????? ????????

    processor ram & battery

  • Ak

    Camera and ceramic build and processor.

  • Camera

  • MargaretAnn Rice

    Great camera and long lasting battery

  • Maria Pilar

    Battery and Camera

  • Jorge Dávalos Bravo

    What interests me the most in a Smartphone is its processing speed and its RAM and ROM because I like it to work when it is needed

  • Rosario Casarino

    Bathery your camera

  • Fadilla Putri

    The features that is important to me: RAM, Processor, and ROM. Display

  • Zosia Samosia

    The most important Battery

  • Victor Omar Cardonne

    Battery is most important now

  • Harshith coorg

    Design,Camera & battery….because phone should feel good in your hands…good camera clicks great pics & with good battery you can use the mobile much more

  • Pau

    For me RAM is the most important feature of a phone coz it stores all the datas/ apps you want/need and access it directly.

  • Feri Joko Sangaji

    STYLUS. Because i’m an artist.

  • Sipra Mahapatra


  • BookMarker 676

    Camera. It helps me capture the beauty in a moment.

  • Fanos Hatzidimitriou

    The camera is the most important feature for smartphone nowadays.

  • Teguh Junnarto

    the most important for a smartphone is the performance itself

  • Adi Ndronkz Nh

    the most important feature is the modem with an ability to maintain network quality 🙂

  • Anónimo

    the camera and the cpu

  • homerdk

    How the camera reacts to low light

  • Dritan Ikonomi

    Phone calls. It’s a phone, right? 😀

  • battery and camera

  • John Agwazim


  • Muhammad Razeen


  • Jackie Wendt

    The size battery camera

  • maxwell mtola

    Memory, design, battery camera

  • Julie InPennsylvania

    OS security

  • Vasu Sumanth Chowdary

    Premium metal/glass build and an all-new amazing camera setup on the back.

  • Maan Raai

    Battery and Processor

  • DnSK


  • Patricia Demedice

    el diseño, la bateria y la camara!

  • Sandra Otero

    Battery and camera. of corse the desingn

  • Alan S. Gardner

    A good, long-lasting battery. That’s the most important thing after an economical service plan and good area coverage.

  • Diogo

    Camera and battery. And of course the phone must have a pretty design.

  • Adi Ndronkz Nh

    stable android version and good battery.

  • Mufazzal Dordawala

    Operating system and Processor

  • Mathew Larsen


  • Christian


  • vamptibor

    battery and 5,5″

  • Anoop Balan

    It should be battery life and performance

  • ???????? ?????????


  • nabin pudasaini

    Processor & Battery

  • Kira Marijanovski

    battery and camera 🙂

  • Ariel Abella

    My favorite feature off course the camera because camera is the only feature on smartphone that mostly people around the world are enjoyed taking selfy and taking memorable pictures specially on travel.

  • The camera is the most important feature to me. Mine broke and I can’t do so many things without it. I’ve had to resort to carrying 2 phones, one just for the camera

  • Nero

    The most important phone feature for me is the camera.

  • Jessica Miller

    battery life

  • Kevin Hebert

    The camera is one of the most important things to me.

  • mir zafar

    The camera is one of the most important things to me.

  • Tirta Anugrah Rakasiwi

    Memory Size

  • kunal verma

    storage space

  • Ricardo Reis

    Processor, I like stuff done fast 🙂

  • Ray Koo

    Most important feature for me is durability (I accidentally drop my phone all the damn time) and good battery life.

  • DailyTutorials

    Camera and battery

  • Wiktoria Siewierska


  • Has.H


  • Baruch Ben Michael

    Battery, RAM, ROM

  • Gul Raza

    battery and camera.

  • debbie wilson

    Battery camera

  • Sonu Suresh

    Micro sd card slot

  • Jose antonio bellido

    Camera and battery

  • sajjad innocent

    battery life

  • Oggy Chou

    processor speed

  • Mieczys?aw Szustakowski


  • zaffar talpur

    battery life

  • Angel Fernandez Ibañez de Alde


  • Adeilton Alves da Silva

    The battery, it is very important to withstand the day day of a service routine!

  • i like

  • klaus popp

    I like the good camera and good sound

  • Jason Michael Taylor

    Battery life and screen quality

  • Raees Vikram

    cam and battery

  • Tarek Ali


  • Starr D Hm

    Camera and battery as the former cannot capture all the best when the latter is shitty.

  • Contax Contax

    battery and camera.

  • Juan

    battery and camera.

  • Charafedd

    xiaomi note 4

  • Dan Valentin

    A decent display and a good signal.

  • David

    Bigger battery for longer useage between charges.

  • cge_ingat

    HD display for VR gaming… =)

  • pfaftle

    Performance: a phone that works without freezing/locking up.

  • Brian Manicsic


  • Olivia N.

    Long lasting battery

  • Quang Nguyen

    battery and camera

  • Adela Chew

    I like big screen phone.

  • KidKrazed

    currently own this still king of budget 🙂

  • Amanda Lee

    Battery life is important.

  • 126suzuki

    Battery life and camera are the important feature

  • David Martín

    Battery life. I like not to have to charge often my device

  • Juh Nobre

    I think that the price influences a lot in my opinion, but camera, performance and battery life are really important features.

  • Shawn Zahid

    cool deal

  • cyril rowlands

    Price, Camera, Battery

  • Tivadar Balazs

    Battery life is a huge factor because I don’t want to charge my phone several times a day.

  • FG

    Balance of power and features.

  • Jennell Caballero

    The battery life. It is very important especially when we travel afar. 🙂

  • Elpi severino

    The functionality

  • Steve Ding

    My favourite and important phone feature is always the camera, as I really love capturing images and most of the time I would upload those photos onto social media.

  • Alan Tan


  • Isaac Harvey

    I didn’t think I would use it that much, but split screen. So I can watch YouTube videos and send messages without interrupting the video. Sooo useful!

  • Renaud Didelot

    Battery is very important.

  • Camera