These are the top 10 coolest and best techy gadgets for everyday use for every tech enthusiast. Gear up with this amazing list with the best tech you can get for under $50 and less!

#10: Kingston DataTraveler microDuo USB Flash drive

Phones are computers. So, it stands to reason that—just as with our laptops—we should have access to external drives that we can easily plug in to our phones in order to upload, download, or just back up files. That’s where Kingston’s handy DataTravel microDuo Flash drive comes into play. This drive is fitted with USB and microUSB connections that can facilitate seamless transfers between your computer and (most) Android devices.

#9: Amazon Basics Bluetooth Keyboard

If you’re in need of a great and portable keyboard for your iPad (because, let’s be honest, typing on a touch screen SUCKS), a good alternative is a full-sized Bluetooth keyboard. This AmazonBasics wireless keyboard is one basic hardware solution that can instantly transform any iPad, iPhone, or Bluetooth-enabled iPod into a laptop.

#8: Amazon Basics Portable External Battery Charger 5600

If you don’t like the chunkier shape of the Anker 2nd Gen Astro 6400, the AmazonBasics Portable External Battery Charger 5600 ($25) might be more your style. It offers the lowest price and the best overall price-to-capacity ratio among our finalists. We didn’t name it our top pick because a slim majority of Wirecutter staffers preferred the candy-bar shape of the Anker over the smartphone-like slab shape of the AmazonBasics. The capacity is a bit less than that of other packs, but it’s as good a battery pack as the Anker

#7: SanDisk Cruzer Fit