Microsoft announced the official launch of the Office App for Android. After five weeks of testing the company released a preview version of the Office suite which includes Word, Excel and Power Point. All of these apps are perfectly designed for the Android User Experience and now followed by Tablet versions for both Android and iOS.

The new Office apps can handle the vareity of useful and common tasks such as reviewing and editing files, presenting on the go from your phone and swiftly opening up documents that are stored on your cloud storage such as Google Drive, Dropbox or Box.

The apps are now free to use if you have an Microsoft Account but offer more features with the Office 365 Subscription.

However over 30 OEMs already will have the apps preinstalled on devices including Samsung, LG, Sony and more.

Word, Exel and PowerPoint are now aviliable on the Google Play store to be downloaded now. In China they are aviliable on alternative stores such as Tencen, Baidu, Xiaomi and CMCC.